The Boss

Born and raised in Slovakia. My motto in business is to do business without being a businessman. It may be a bad description of the boss but my life has always been led by feelings. I’m a pretty laid back guy but at same time explosive when things go wrong. My passion is to see the world, meet people and share happiness as much as possible because as the saying goes: “happiness is real only when shared.” Tipsy Hammock means a lot to me because it’s turned strangers into family and given me a really positive view on life.


The Boss

Just wanna say one thing: CHUPITO??


The Boss

I am originally from Spain but grew up in Canada. When I was 21, I moved back to Spain. After living in Madrid and Mallorca, I finally settled down in Gran Canaria. Becoming one of the owners from Tipsy is a big achievement that I worked hard for all my life. In my free time I like to fix cars, chill out and spend some time with my girlfriend. What makes me happy the most is to see my clients and co-workers enjoying their time in the bar.


The Queen Manager (and the song bird)

I was born and raised in towns all across Slovakia. I’m a romantic person who believes in happy endings. If it’s not happy, then it’s not the end! My absolute favorite things in the world are kids, music and CHRISTMAS. Christmas is important for me because family and friends come together and share love and gratitude, and show appreciation for each other -- Love this magic time! I play the violin and sometimes sing - the best spot is In Shower! The plan was to come to Gran Canaria for a year after university to take a break – three years later, I’m still here! This Island and the people I have met touched my heart and all this has now become home and family. Family is the most important thing for me and Tipsy Hammock gave me this opportunity be part of their family.


The Guru Manager (and crew life coach consultant)

Pomelo Anderson. Come to the bar and find out why.


Bartender/ Floor Crew (crossfit goddess)

I come from a beautiful green northern town of Martin, Slovakia from Martin. I came to Gran Canaria 4 years ago because of the new experiences, nice weather and the vision of being part of Tipsy Hammock. I’m a person who loves to learn new things while living an active and beautiful life of discovering new places and meeting interesting People from cultures. I’m a friendly, kind and fair person who loves sport. I have been doing crossfit for 3 years because I love to challenge myself. I also love hiking, biking, snowboarding, nature and Tipsy Hammock 😉. I’m looking forward to seeing and preparing our unique Tipsy cocktails for you. See you in Tipsy 😊


The Sexy Barman

Well this not me cup of tea (to write down something about myself) so I'll give you key word: Handsome 🤟😅


The Pizza Master

I’m Italian from Venice and have been living in Gran Canaria for 6 years. I love wine, classical music, the smell of coffee in the morning and the smell of pizza at the night. I think cooking is a good way to combine work and friends and that's why I made this my life. I left Venice to come to Gran Canaria because island life has always attracted me and I thought it was a good start to enjoy my life. If you want to spend a good time with a friend you know where to find me.


Chef (aka Superman)


Badass Bartender

I'm from Vicenza, a small town in the north-east of Italy. In my life I was lucky enough to travel a lot and I chose to live in Gran Canaria so I could wake up every day with the sun and relax to the sweet sound of the ocean. I'm an eternal dreamer and I like to live life with a smile. I love sports, tattoos, music and all forms of art. I love being behind the bar, making cocktails and entertaining people -- makes me really happy. Being part of the crazy Tipsy Hammock family was a little dream of mine that came true.


The Joker on the Floor

I'm from Schio, a small city in the north of italy. I chose to come in Gran Canaria to make new experiences and know more about what there is around me. I arrived in the island, and from the beginning, I loved it because I found a place with young people and good vibes. I like to speak and joke around with people and make new friends. I like to say: Sometimes There is no favorable wind for a sailor who does not know where to go. P.S. my wind was very favorable


The Italian Stallion on the Floor

I love working in TIPSY HAMMOCK coz it's the best place to meet girls!


Funny Guy on the Floor

I consider myself a simple person, who likes to live in peace with everybody. I’m that kind of person who believes in cooperation more than competition, even though I’m very competitive when we are talking about sports. I love history, I think it is essential to know who we are and where we come from. Sports, music, dogs and cocktails are my main hobbies in my life. I’m fortunate to working in a place that lets me enjoy that. My biggest fears -- flying and.... flying. See you at tipsy!!!


The Nutty Bartender

Spanish by birth but with three different bloods running through my veins -- Spanish, Dutch and Italian. I'm a crazy girl full of body art tattoos. I grew up next to the ocean which makes me feel I belong to it I love sports that involve adrenaline – mostly surfing and skating. I'm such a creative person that I studied arts in university and I’m always creating things – be it drawing, photography, filming. People see me as a boom of hyperactivity but I actually love to be calm at home or in nature when I’m alone. I enjoy parties but I’m not a fancy girl. You will always see me in my Vans instead of high heels. Guess how many tattoos I have and I will invite you to a drink.


Back of House

I am of Moroccan blood but born in Gran Canaria. I really like playing PlayStation and skateboarding. I studied at IES GRAN CANARIA. I like any type of music. I am happy to work at Tipsy Hammock because of the vibes which are phenomenal. Enjoy life!


Back of House



I'm an energetic, slightly unhinged Scottish girl who is a very new addition to Tipsy Hammock and i'm loving every minute. I danced and sang around the UK and Spain before returning to my first love, the saxophone. Definitely a crazy cat lady, an absolute Disney Geek, with other obsessions including roller coasters, Tim Burton films and Japanese cuisine. Ultimately, I love exploring and meeting new people from around the world. Being a city girl at heart, the excitement and vibrancy of Tipsy is a home from home, with more sun and better cocktails!


DJ with Spunk

I am an Outgoing, open minded and energetic Brit and am one of the newer additions to the stacked roster of talented artists here at Tipsy. I honed my skills across the globe on the Dance floors of many heavy weight brands before taking up residence in the Canary Islands. Our paths were destined to cross so, Inevitably and obviously we hit it off wonderfully. I love to DJ and entertain people when I am not playing sport, in the ocean, doing yoga on the beach or exploring the mountains you will find me playing fun, uplifting, groovy and sexy music at one of the Tipsy Venues and loving every minute!


Music Man DJ

Canarian – born and raised! I’m a STAR WARS freak! I only have Star Wars shirts in my closet. I studied informatics in university and I have been working as a DJ for the last 20 years. I Love house music as well as the classic 80’s. I hate REGGAETON. I love playing at Tipsy with the view of the ocean. My dream is to one day DJ while chilling on a hammock! Enjoy life!


Power Vocalist

I'm a happy and outgoing Swedish girl with a dash of canarian blood. After moving around a lot trying to find my place in this world I made my way to Gran Canaria and finally felt at home. Gran Canaria also helped me find my way back to the love of my life, music. Tipsy hammock has been such a big part of that for me with its amazing ambiance and customers. When I'm not singing I like to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy the beautiful beaches at this island.


Resident DJ

A true-blue Canarian DJ at the top of his game and totally dedicated to music. I’ve spent 22 years delighting the world with energy inside and outside of the DJ booth. I live and breathe music and love to surprise our customers with unexpected mixes that will definitely drag you into the dance floor. I love playing with a range of repertoires ranging from classics to current music and playing with rhythms that brings out the beautiful madness that is TIPSY HAMMOCK.